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Sexy Sasha

Sexy Sasha

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Sexy Sasha

Strokes Dungeon

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Go Behind The Scenes and watch how the outrageous creative ideas are made for Sasha Strokes Cream Team Productions.

Hello Team Strokes…

this is your favorite PornStar Sasha Strokes.. For the past few years I have been shooting for many websites and during the time period I have done alot of work to make alot of companies happy! Well now this is finally my chance to share my films and ideas and creativity that i have been holding back, just for you guys and Im freaking out excitement! So here is the deal you guys!

For all members of my site who will be interested in seeing the submissive pretty sexy side of a t girl in (HARDCORE PORN) THE NAME OF THIS PART OF THE SASHASTROKESXXX.COM website will be named “SEXY SASHA” which will have all the wonderful kinky hardcore stuff you would want to see from a Big Dick, Fat Booty Big Titty Transexual PornStar! Oh and dont forget my pretty smile :D !

NOW FOR ALL YOU DOMINATION LOVERS! (Im aware there are fans who love my domination and seduction which I’m sure most of you have seen some of my work with Tsseduction.com Yes those were some hot scenes! So I thought “Why not just bring that HARDCORE SHIT OVER HERE!! YES TEAMSTROKES!!

I want to introduce to you the moment you all been waiting for my newest creation “MISTRESS STROKES”!! & #TeamStrokes This Bitch Does Not Play! She will take No mercy on any man, shemale, woman, breathing fucker to get in her way! Watch as she destroy’s her prey through many fetishes and humiliation with a mouth not even holy water could cleanse!! I hope you Fuckers brought lots of popcorn and Tissues cause this shit is gonna scare the cum out you ass lmao!


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